How to create custom route file in laravel

How to create custom route file in laravel

In some cases, we need to create our own separate custom route file in laravel application. By default, there are two types of route files in laravel i.e. web and api for web and api respectively. During large enterprise application development, we may need to create new route files for breaking our complex route file into multiple. Also, we may need multiple route file to for versioning our API. Whatever may be the reason, we can create multiple route files in laravel.

For this demo purpose, we will create a separate file for backend routes. Follow the below guidelines to create custom route file in laravel.

Create new route file

To create custom route file, we first need to create a file inside routes directory. We will name it as backend.php.

Register new route

Now we need to register the newly created route in RouteServiceProvider. Open up RouteServiceProvider from the directory App/Providers and create a new method with map prefix and Routes suffix. Thus, our new methods looks like below:

After creating new method, we need to call this from the map function.

Thus, our final RouteServiceProvider looks like below:

This is all. Easy, isn’t it? If you face any issues, don’t forget to drop a comment below.
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